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Colour Coding of Wires

DiyaStar uses a hybrid system of AC and DC current. While pure DC Current is used during the day when adequate solar is available, regular grid AC Current is used at night converted into DC to power the devices. Since DC devices are sensitive to AC Current and would blow off if exposed, it is VERY IMPORTANT to colour code the wires so that there can be no errors in applications.

We have adopted a policy of Red&Black Wires to carry 12V DC Current for Fans Circuit and Blue&Yellow for Lights Circuit. This does pose a challenge to the conventional AC Electrician to use other coloured wires for the AC Circuit and this challenge increases when 3 Phase AC Current is distributed in multiple floors so that there is no impact if any Phase from the Grid fails.

An innovative electrician differentiated the circuits by using different diameter wires in a a particular switch box. For example, a 2.5mm Sq wire is used for AC Circuit while a 1.5mm or 1mm Sq wire is used for DC Circuit. Another method could be to use two core wires for DiyaStar Circuit while single core wires are used for AC Circuit.

As far as these are documented and made easily available to future elecricians, the aim can be achieved.