Learn about Solar Collectors & Photo Volataics first ? Before getting into concept of DiyaStar, you may brush your knowledge about harnessing solar energy...

Solar Photo Voltaic Panels (PVs) give out DC power and LED Lights natively use DC power. DiyaStar enables direct piping of solar energy into lights and fans.

Presently, solar energy is used to charge batteries which remains standby till grid power fails. This was a functional requirement till now. However, to be used when power fails continues to remain at its functional requirement. Now, it is time to use solar energy more innovatively...

The DiyaStar system (Patent pending) uses a specially designed sensor circuit (Panel Sensor) near the main solar panel to detect the illumination level outdoors. It switches the Solar input Off or ON appropriately. This addresses the problem of varied solar insolation on partially or fully clouded days. This innovation provides options to switch to the FREE power the moment an acceptable solar insolation occurs, and thus facilitates direct power from the Sun to fans and lights..
A Stepping Stone to
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DiyaStar is a VENUS innovation to harness the trillions of watts of solar energy that is going waste everyday.

Benefits are :
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1. FREE lighting and fans during the day (or windy periods).

2. INDEPENDENCE from grid power during day.

3. Wind Integration can enhance sustainability.

4. REDUCED electricity bill.

5. SAFER - No risk of electrocution : Just 12V

6. National SAVINGS lesser transmission losses (20%).

7. RELEASES grid power for critical users & industries.

8. CONSERVES life of Batteries and retains charge for UPS support during night.

9. Reduces impact of recycling hazardous battery waste.

10 Creates Sustainable GREEN buildings.

Why DiyaStar ?

Almost all offices, all over the World work between 9AM to 5PM and almost all of them use electric grid lighting to illuminate their work spaces while our own star, the Sun rains trillions of KW of free light and energy outdoors which goes unharnessed.

Even where solar panels are used, it is primarily for charging batteries to support uninterrupted power supply in case of grid failure.

About Rs 3,125 Crores is wasted every year on grid power. Assuming just 5% of India's power consumption is used for lighting and fans, of which about 15% is used during the day, about 5,208 GW Hrs is wasted annually.

On a sample size of 22 Govt Offices buildings under a Municipality in Karnataka, India, and assuming that grid power is used for 9 hours during the day of which 7 hours are during bright sunlight outside, about 291 MW Hr grid power can be saved using the DiyaStar solution. This translates to loss avoidance of Rs 17.5 Lakhs (about USD 31,200) per annum from these 22 offices besides offsetting about 416 MT of CO2 annually.

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